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Black Magic Craft Unboxing (ENG)

New content for old and new backers!

We present a preview of a new DM tool: The Master's Black Book!

It consists of a booklet, A5 format, with 150 completely rewritable pages (in perfect FWC style) correlated with 4 fine line markers, ideal for writing, in black - red - green and blue.

Inside you will find:

  • sheets to keep track of your party in all its aspects (stats, alignments, objects, etc.)
  • a tracking to mark the duration of effects and spells, to be combined with the combat tracking already provided in the Treasure Pack
  • A bestiary to customize your sessions (with all FWC illustrations)
  • Sheets to describe NPCs
  • Tools for your adventures and campaigns: starting from the schemes to mark the time up to all the maps that were given to you as a previous stretch and now inserted, individually, to allow you to add notes to the places in every detail.
  • Striped sheets for notes and squared sheets to draw Dungeons

and so on!

150 utility pagesaimed at DMs, but also for players who want to have everything at a glance.


This is a FWC reprint version which includes a selection of the best goals and addons unlocked in the previous campaign.

Use the FWC Editor app to create your own adventure or even an entire campaign

Give shape to your adventures whatever they are, without limitations; use different types of settings, compose the planks to create what you need, use the token settings to make your games richer in detail and remember that everything you own is rewritable!

Challenge all sorts of adversities and opponent with tons of available monsters and the ability to have more visible their hit points, penalty or status of any kind due to the token!

Unleash your imagination by making it real! Speed up your gaming sessions with environmental and status tokens.

Now you can recreate everything you've only ever imagined.

A project designed by roleplayers for roleplayers!

All the planks of FWC (Fantasy World Creator) have been developed with the highest quality products (2mm thick cardboard laminated on both sides) to guarantee a reliable product that lasts over time; plastic lamination allows the total rewriting of the planks and avoids bending. The "puzzle" system allows the total reversibility and compatibility of each plank with the others.

The locations with original illustrations available are:

All cards (monsters and characters) are printed on cardboard (300gsm) laminated and rewritable with a transparent base supplied.

The shape of the cardboard has been designed to allow maximum comfort in use thanks to the large rewritable surface (both front and back) giving you total customization even of the illustration (to distinguish different monsters of the same kind)

One side of the cards has a darker layout to better define the back of the creature.

Environmental tokens maintain the same qualities of the planks, laminated on both sides, total rewritability and compatibility with the dimensions of the planks; battle-grid included.

They have been implemented to speed up the creation of the settings and to make the sessions more visually immersive thanks to their "hand-drawn" graphics.

Take your game to the next level!

Use "roof" tokens and reveal building interiors only once players want to enter.

Even the roofs, like all environmental tokens, are equipped with battle-grid and totally rewritable: fight over the roofs!

Quickly indicate the status of players or monsters as a result of spells or abilities due to "Status Tokens", adaptable to any game system.

Like all the previous parts are made of cardboard, laminated on both sides, rewritable and smaller than one inch.

"Le Origini del Rancore" ITA "Roots of Retribution" ENG


Thanks to BeastofWar's friends for the review! (ENG)


Founded in 2011, it began with the management of a small shop specialized in video games and collectible card games that subsequently expanded by adding boardgame to its price lists and the development of an e-commerce site that is still on sale throughout the world:

The first steps in the development and launch of original products were made in 2015 with the mat for TCG, also exported abroad, and the PC deskmat. From 2017 there was the decision to develop projects in the crowdfunding market thanks to the Kickstarter platform.

Giuliano and Mario

Gamestart Edizioni

Available Rewards:

€100EUR + Shipping


This is all you need to fully enjoy your fantasy role-playing experience!


• One copy of Fantasy World Creator -Reprint- core box & App
• One copy of Treasure Pack (This box includes the best unlocked Stretch Goals and Addon from the original

• Including all components and unlocked stretch goals.

€25EUR + Shipping


This book is an expansion of the core box ( for Backers of the first project)

Booklet, A5 format, with 150 completely rewritable pages (in perfect FWC style) correlated with 4 fine line markers, ideal for writing, in black - red - green and blue.
• Shipping will be charged after the campaign ends (see Shipping section for details)
• Includes a free FWC Core box with Inner tray

If you choose to upgrade your reward, you can add the Master's Black Book as an Add-on on the next screen

€50EUR + Shipping

Treasure Pack

This box is an expansion of the core box.
This box includes the best Unlocked Stretch Goals and Add On from the original campaign.


• 24 Tiles
• 44 Character Tokens
• 13 Creature Tokens
• 20 Doors & Portals Tokens
• 7 Trap Tokens
• 6 Equipment Sheets (6 Backpack + 6 Quick Equipment Sheets)
• 1 Encounter Sheet

• Including all components and unlocked stretch goals.

€75EUR + Shipping

Fantasy World Creator Reprint & App

One copy of Fantasy World Creator core box and the stretch goal "APP WEB" from the original campaign.


• 126 Tiles
• 24 Character Tokens
• 100 Creature Tokens
• 30 Large Creature Tokens
• 140 Environment Token
• 9 Blank Customizable Token
• 80 Status Token
• 6 Character Sheets
• 2 Dry Eraseable Markers
• 30 Stands

• Including all components and unlocked stretch goals.

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